Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Vitamin B12 and weight loss

vitamin b12
Vitamin B12 (bottom left) joining with hormone PYY (spiral structure, located at the right side of image).

Many people realize that you can lose weight by changing eating habits. However, if weight loss is quite normal to chew bubble gum after a meal? When trying to answer this question a team of researchers led by chemist Robert Doyle (Associate Professor Department of Chemistry College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University). In the framework of scientific research, scientists led by Robert Doyle, was first demonstrated the fact that the hormone responsible for satiety that comes after eating, can enter the bloodstream in the right quantity when receiving it.

It is a hormone called PYY. It is regulates appetite and energy. This hormone is released into the bloodstream when people eating food or do any exercises. The number of PYY, is released into the blood, increases with the amount of calories that gets the body. Several studies have shown that the blood of people suffering from obesity, there is a reduced content of PYY (compared to people who have no problems with being overweight), both at fasting and after meals. Intravenous infusion of PYY for people suffering from obesity, and those who have the problem of obesity is observed, leading to increased levels of PYY in the blood and reduce the number of calories consumed in both cases.

«PYY - a hormone that suppresses appetite. When taken per oral, it is destroying in the stomach. Not destroyed remnants of the hormone could hardly get into the bloodstream through the gut "- Robert Doyle said. We need to create a method that would hide from the PYY digestive enzymes that can destroy it in the stomach.

Several years ago, Robert Doyle has developed a technique of using vitamin B12, necessary for effective oral administration of insulin. B12 can be relatively easy to pass through the digestive system, carrying with it the insulin molecule, or any other molecules. The authors decided to study at the head of the hormone PYY attached to vitamin B12. "The first stage of the study was conducted to show that we can deliver the required number of PYY into the bloodstream. We were able to deliver the right amount of blood hormone, and we are very pleased by it "- says Robert Doyle.

The next stage of research aimed at finding ways to introduce a series of B12-PYY, such as chewing gum or a special pill. Creating such a "food additive", according to scientists, will help many people lose weight. "If we succeed, the chewing gum containing PYY, could become a natural tool to help lose weight" - says Robert Doyle. According to him, the use of PYY-containing chewing gum to help people who want to get rid of extra pounds, more effective control of appetite. A more detailed description of the results of his sciense works can be found in the publication at Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Vitamin B12 Information

vitamin b12
About vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin):

In 1934 year two Harvard doctors George Maykott and William P. Murphy was awarded with Nobel prize for discovery therapeutic properties of vitamin b12.
Cyanocobalamin play an extraordinarily important role in the proper functioning of the nervous system, affecting thus the work of all organs.
If the body lacks vitamin B12, it also leads to a deficiency of vitamin B1, even when seemingly in the diet it enough.
And this leads to frustration, not only the nervous system, and endocrine glands, brain disease beriberi (polyneuritis), disruption of the digestive system.
Vitamin b12 involved in hematopoiesis regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. With his lack of in organism developing anemia.
This vitamin is actively involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in close cooperation with vitamin C, folic and pantothenic acids.
For our healthy nerves and we were fully prepared to everyday stress, vitamin B12 helps billion molecules of folic acid in the development of choline.
It also revives the reserves of iron in our body, which is usually not enough.
Finally, in conjunction with other substances, vitamin B12 runs basic life process - the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic and ribonucleic acids.
It is proteins that make up the cell nucleus and which contain all the genetic information.

How much vitamin B12 is necessary for our body?

The minimum daily dosage of 3 mcg. Even if we eat very little meat, milk and eggs, we give the body to about 15 mcg cyanocobalamin.
Only pure vegetarians orpeople at strong diet are at risk to remain without it.
However, the body is the "intrinsic factor", which promotes the formation of the vitamin.

What about vitamin B12 and weight loss?

According to recent reports, vitamin B12 deficiency also leads to a lack of carnitine.
It catches the substance in the blood fat molecules and transports them to the mitochondria - "power plants" of cells, where they are oxidized to give energy throughout the body.
Without carnitine content of decomposition products in the blood rises as oil remains untreated.